February 6, 2018

Smoke Alarm Batteries!

Hey Everyone! 

Now some unscrupulous battery experts out there in the World of Batteries like to make a big deal about flogging $1 smoke detector batteries during this period. 

Please please be warned, these batteries are the lowest of low quality & are CARBON ZINC which really should not be used in smoke detectors, in fact a lot of detectors will not operate at all on CARBON ZINC batteries. Buy good quality Alkaline batteries or a 10 Year lithium battery & test it every couple of months. Normally detectors will start to “Chirp” if the battery is getting low but these are warnings you may never get if you are using CARBON ZINC batteries. So for anyone interested we sell PANASONIC 9V Alkaline batteries for $3-50 every day & the ULTRALIFE 9V 10 Year Lithium Battery for $16.00 every day!

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