Off-Grid Systems

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One of our main areas of expertise involves the installation and supply of high quality solar battery solutions. We will come directly to you with the brand new 2-volt cells and install the new battery system as well as uninstalling the existing system and removing it if required.

Professional Installation
You'll be pleased with our compact and high quality installations that'll last for years to come!
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Highest Quality Batteries
Pair your high quality solar panels with high quality batteries at the best possible price with installation included!
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Service You'll Remember
We'll support your off-grid battery project from planning to installation and configuration
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Below are the different cell types available at this time, click on the products for a more detailed description. Order inquires can be placed through the above form or by ringing our office on (08) 8388 0669 with information as to the location of the serviceable property, the required capacity and size restrictions.