Eneloop charger and battery family kit

Hi Everyone ! This is one of our HOT products which make a Great gift for any family. The K-KJ51MC64TA Eneloop charger and battery family kit contains an assortment of everything for your family’s portable power needs including: 1 x BQ-CC51TA battery charger able to charge 2 or 4 AA […]

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MXS 5.0 charger

$179.00 The MXS 5.0 charger takes the award-winning MXS 4003 platform to the next level, with all of the important functions but with one whole ampere more than its predecessor. MXS 5.0 solves all battery-related problems that can be remedied before a battery must be discarded. It is a perfect […]

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Power your fridge for 5 days!

Hey everyone! Do you go travelling for days at a time with a fridge and need a reliable power source? Come treat yourself to a great Cyclic / Crank battery that will run your fridge (up to 60L), for about 5 Days before it needs charging! – Just $209.00 This […]

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Ultra-Portable Jump Starter!

Hey everyone! For just $120 this extremely convenient device will not only jumpstart your car but also charge your phone, laptop, GPS, camera and much much more! The size of these devices make it perfect for fitting in small spaces e.g. a toolbox or a glove box and is ideal for emergency […]

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SharkShield Repack

Hi Everyone!Do you own a SharkShield? We re-pack all types of Sharkshield batteries including the Freedom 4 & Freedom 7and pricing starts from $100! Repacking By mail! You can either drop your SharkShield off in-store or contact us in regard to having it done by mail! We can definitely help […]

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Welcome to Power Packed Batteries!

Welcome to our website!   For those of you who’ve heard of us, you probably know what it is that we do here and thank you for visiting our new website, but to everyone else, welcome for the first time and please look around, get to know what it is […]

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